Thursday, December 24, 2009

Toledo TV Stations

Toledo TV stations serve the grater Toledo, Ohio metropolitan area. Toledo was founded in 1833 when a canal was dug to bypass rapids on the Maumee River and is the country seat of Lucas County. It is located on the western end of Lake Erie. There are approximately 350,000 residents in the city. It is the fourth largest city in Ohio. The city was named for Toledo, Spain. Toledo is nicknamed the �Glass City� because the first completely glass covered building was built there in 1936 by the Owens-Illinois Glass Company. Jeeps and glass are the major manufactured goods produced in the area. There are eight Toledo TV stations that service both the surrounding Ohio and Michigan area.

Channel 11 WTOL - this CBS Toledo TV stations affiliate promotes things like a birthday club, a weather art contest for children and the Susan G Komen foundation for local residents in addition to what you normally expect from a TV station

Channel 13 WTVG - this ABC Toledo TV stations affiliate offers a rather unique segment in their news broadcast call �Weird News�

Channel 24 WNWO � this NBC Toledo TV stations affiliate offer a $500 to local viewing residents.

Channel 27 WBGU � this PBS Toledo TV stations affiliate located in Bowling Green currently operates at the Tucker Center for Telecommunications on the campus of Bowling Green State University.

Channel 30 WGTE � this PBS Toledo TV stations affiliate is owned and operated by the Greater Toledo Educational Television Foundation and has been broadcasting for over 50 years.

Channel 36 WUPW - This FOX Toledo TV stations affiliate offers something called �Hardcore Sports� coverage that should make the sports fan ecstatic.

Channel 40 WLMB - is a Christian/family oriented Toledo TV stations. WLMB's line up is mostly religious shows and infomercials in the mornings and classic tv shows such as The Andy Griffith Show, Brady Bunch, etc.) afternoons and evenings. It carries some i (PAX) programs but is not an affiliate.

Channel 48 WNGT � This UPN Toledo TV stations affiliate is a low power broadcasting station that services the area. Since the Hispanic population is less that 4% in this area, there are no Toledo TV stations that broadcast Spanish speaking programs.