Thursday, October 29, 2009

Houseboat Vacation Rental; The Stress Pill You�ve Been Looking For

These days houseboat vacation rental is a really civilized option to vacation home or condo rental. Houseboat vacation rental also allows you to be a bit more daring with the exploration of your chosen vacation destination. There are a surprising number of houseboat vacation rental venues available around the states.

The California Delta comprises over 1,000 miles of waterways, a tortuous network of rivers, tributaries and channels and home to houseboat vacation rental. The delta is North of San Francisco and approximately 30 minutes south of Sacramento. In this neck of the woods most things are connected by water, so your entertainment and relaxation may just be at the dockside.

In Florida you can cruise the islands of Boca Grande, Captiva, Cayo Costa and Sanibel in your houseboat vacation rental. Take advantage of the secluded beaches and nature reserves around these quiet island retreats.

At Green River Lake in Kentucky, not only do they have houseboat vacation rental but you can also rent a floating cabin. Your houseboat can sleep 8 to 14 people, has a fully fitted kitchen, hot tub, waterslide and barbeque grill.

Choose from 5 different sizes of houseboat at Birch Lake in the Superior National forest, Minnesota and explore over 100 miles of coastline hugged by the surrounding forests. Fishing here is magnificent with a selection of blue gill, walleye, crappie and northern pike

Houseboat vacation rental on 30,000 acres of clear, fresh water with distractions like scuba diving, water skiing and fishing for bass, trout and catfish is available at Dale Hollow Marina, Celina in Tennessee. At the base of the Cumberland Mountains, Dale Hollow Lake has an interesting shoreline punctuated by coves and inlets making exploration a necessity.

If houseboat captaincy is not on your skills list, don�t worry; most houseboat rental organizations are run with a high level of professionalism and they take safety very seriously. They will provide you with a detailed briefing when you arrive and will ensure you are confident to fly solo.

Your houseboat vacation rental is normally powered by twin outboard motors and will cruise along happily at about 6 mph. This tranquil progress through some of the most spectacular US scenery makes a houseboat vacation rental just that little bit different. There is something very soothing about being on the water unhindered by day-to-day worries. A houseboat vacation rental could be just what the stress doctor ordered.