Saturday, January 12, 2008

The Complex World Of Discount Vacations Ownership Unravelled

The universe of discount vacations ownership is a complex one. Timesharing, as discount vacations ownership is better known, represents a high value method of securing vacation accommodation for those who prefer returning to the familiarity of the same resort again and again. If discount vacations ownership interests you, here are a few pointers about the US marketplace.

Discount vacations ownership allows you, in effect, to pre-purchase accommodation units in a resort. These furnished condominiums with kitchen facilities usually have access to the amenities of the resort or club. There may be pools, spas, gymnasiums, restaurants and children’s play facilities available.

There are various forms of ownership of which deeded ownership is less likely to be seen as discount vacations ownership. This is outright ownership for ever and allows you to sell on, to lease or to will the accommodation to your family or friends. Leased ownership is less common and, like an apartment lease, is for a fixed period such as 19 years after which time the ownership of the timeshare reverts to the resort or the leasor. Lease ownership is likely to be a less costly initial outlay.

Your discount vacations ownership will be available to you on a fixed or floating week basis. Fixed week means you are allocated a specific week every year and floating week means you can opt for one week out of a selection available. Resorts structure their offerings in different ways and it is worth examining the various options as discounted extensions to your holiday or preferential use of alternative resorts may be provided.

To give some idea of the costs, discount vacations ownership can be found for as little as $250, however you should always note the overall costs including annual management fees which can be an additional $500 every year.

With over 5,000 discount vacations ownership resorts in 90 countries around the world, this is an exciting vacationing option.

It is worth appointing a qualified resale agent to guide you through discount vacations ownership buying process. Sales staff on new resort developments are well trained and, if you are at all susceptible, they will make their discount vacations ownership look so appealing, you will not leave without signing a deal. Nonetheless, discount vacations ownership can be an ideal, stress-free method of providing your family holiday year-on-year.