Thursday, December 27, 2007

Hurricanes, Dolphins And Bargain Beachfront Vacation Homes Apalachicola

Along Apalachicola Bay you’ll find a traditional shrimp and oyster fishing culture. Beachfront vacation homes Apalachicola sit just off the sand, with decks positioned to fully appreciate the rising and setting sun. Dolphin spotting from your breakfast table is probably the first taste you’ll get of the real benefit of beachfront vacation homes Apalachicola. There’s a whole lot more and beachfront vacation homes Apalachicola will not disappoint if you’re looking for a laid back break away from city stress.

A 4 bedroom house on St George Island sleeping eight people in summer season, which is high season here, will cost you around $2500 per week. In winter, beachfront vacation homes Apalachicola can be rented for half price. Who needs the sun?

Also on St George Island and sleeping eight people but with only three bedrooms, slightly smaller beach front vacation homes Apalachicola will cost around $1700 during high season (that’s a bargain $53 per person per day). They still come well equipped for your home-from-home holiday experience.