Tuesday, December 25, 2007

From Aswan To Ayers; Australia Group Vacation Packages Rock

Are you of a certain age, on your own and considering a vacation to or from Australia Group vacation packages might be just the medicine you need. Australia group vacation packages are structured to match your cultural and entertainment needs. In addition Australia group vacation packages tend to be very good value and often include airfares.

Starting from Australia group vacation packages are available to destinations such as Egypt, Thailand, Sri Lanka, China and Vietnam. Featuring a great mix of guided tours and relaxation days, these breaks have been put together with great attention to detail.

Australia group vacation packages to Thailand for 15 days will cost around $2,095 ($139 per day). Considering that this includes tours of Bangkok, the River Kwai memorial at Hell Fire Pass, the ancient temples and cities of Phitsanulok, Ayutthaya and Sukhothai as well as relaxation at Hua Hin beach resort, your accommodation and many meals, there are not many better value breaks available.

Perhaps historic Egypt is more to your taste for Australia group vacation packages. Visit Cairo, Aswan and Luxor; the mysteries and awe of the pyramids and the temples are there for you to discover in a 15 day tour for around $4000.

As China re-emerges as a significant power in the world, the wonders of the Great Wall, The Forbidden City, the terracotta army at Xi’an and the bustling city of Shanghai are becoming essential sightseeing fodder. With an English speaking guide and accompanied by a group of similarly aged and like-minded people, 14 day Australia group vacation packages like this are great value at just under $3000.

Inbound to Australia group vacation packages are available from the most countries. A typical 20 day tour in a group of around 15 people will take in Sydney and the Blue Mountains, Cairns and the Daintree Tropical Rainforest, the Barrier Reef, Ayers Rock, Alice Springs, Adelaide via the Ghan Train and will terminate in Melbourne. Such a multifarious adventure costs around $12,000 but provides an immense variety of experiences.

It should be possible to uncover Australia group vacation packages to suit your age group. Whether you are a twenty or thirty-something or a silver surfer Australia group vacation packages are being constructed for you as we speak. Australia group vacation packages will always deliver a little more for your dollar.